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Fustahermetic is a company dedicated to inside and outside carpentry for construction, decoration, restoration and all kind of wood-related works.

Established in 1972, and working with perseverance and will during all these years, we satisfy our clients and give them the best quality because we have evolved over the years, adapting ourselves to the needs of the market and applying the technological innovations to architecture and interior design.

Fustahermetic has a wide staff team, which gives us the perfect combination of enthusiasm and experience.

The company has a number of professionals at its disposal, with a complete technical formation so the client can be properly and personally advised since the first meeting. We can also guarantee the quality during the whole production process.

All this is also possible thanks to our over 2000 square meter facilities, where several tasks are carried out: management, 150 square meter Show Room (where you can check a small sample and choose among several wood finishes), production, lacquer paint and production process. We have a fleet of 12 industrial vehicles to arrive anywhere our services are requested, both in Spain or abroad.

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